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  • Kids Multivitamin Bites - Strawberry
    Kids Multivitamin Bites - Strawberry
  • Kids Prebiotic & Probiotic Bites - Peach Mango
    Kids Prebiotic & Probiotic Bites - Peach Mango
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    Kids Elderberry Immunity Bites
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    Kids & Adults Vitamin D3 Bites - Raspberry
  • Kids Multivitamin Bites - Cherry
    Kids Multivitamin Bites - Cherry


  • Adult Multivitamin Bites - Strawberry
    Adult Multivitamin Bites - Strawberry
  • Adult Prebiotic & Probiotic Bites - Peach Mango
    Adult Prebiotic & Probiotic Bites - Peach Mango
  • Adult Elderberry Immunity Bites
    Adult Elderberry Immunity Bites
  • Adult Multivitamin Bites - Cherry
    Adult Multivitamin Bites - Cherry
  • Kids & Adults Vitamin D3 Bites - Raspberry
    Kids & Adults Vitamin D3 Bites - Raspberry
a daily multivitamin for Adults.

Adult Multivitamin Bites - Cherry

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+ 13 Essential Plant-based Vitamins

+ Naturally Sourced for Optimal Absorption

+ No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Real Fruit, No Added Sugar.

Meet your daily nutrition, in delicious fruit bites.

Made with real fruit and no added sugar, these vitamin bites have 13 natural vitamins from fruits & vegetables like broccoli and oranges.

We slow-cook each bite on low heat to retain fruit flavor and natural phytonutrients for better absorption.

Talk about multi-tasking.

 Adult Cherry Label

What’s in:

Organic Apples, Organic Cherry Juice, Organic Baobab Fruit Powder, Fruit & Vegetable Based Vitamin Blend. Less than 2%: Organic Sunflower Oil, Apple Pectin, Organic Cherry Flavor, Organic Rice Bran (Coating).

Please note:

No Llamas were harmed in the making of these bites.

What’s OUT:

Added sugar, syrups, sweeteners, synthetic vitamins, gelatin, artificial ingredients, and colorings.


90 bites to bite, chew, nibble, enjoy. 3 per day, please.



Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Oranges, Apples, Strawberries, Sunflower Seeds, Shiitake Mushrooms, Maitake Mushrooms

Sweet Potatoes
Sunflower Seeds
Shiitake Mushrooms
Maitake Mushrooms


90 bites to bite, chew, nibble, enjoy. 3 per day, please.

“Gee Wiz Joan, have you tried these new-age vitamins bites? They’re all the rage, and apparently CURE LOVE-SICKness*.”

Overheard in an office somewhere.

*Not actually proven to cure Love-Sickness, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

reviews from real HUMANS.

Customer Reviews
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Deal h.
United States United States
Switched from Garden of Life

I used to take Garden of Life Prenatal whole foods gummies but for various reasons switched to Llamas Naturals. The price is comparable and I find even though they have around the same amount of (fruit) sugar, Llama Naturals has a less sharp, sugary taste than Garden of Life did to me. Another review likened it to fruit leather and I whole heartily agree.While both brands use a rice type coating (NO that's NOT mold!) to keep their gummies from sticking, the batch of Llama Naturals I received were quite sticky and left a faint residue on my hands. I am not sure if mine weren't dusted or the dusting somehow melted off in transit, but it's only a minor annoyance. The gummies come apart easy enough and don't stick to my teeth, so points for that.I didn't think about it before but I also like the wide mouth container as opposed to a normal bottle. Makes getting these sticky vitamins out a lot easier lol. Another plus is the cute modern design. I checked their website and seems their colors are based off the actual fruit used (strawberry and cherry) , as opposed to traditional gender stereotyping like so many health and beauty companies are still doing. Granted they only have kids and unisex products right now, but if they came out with men, women and prenatal varieties I would trust them to follow their established color scheme.Aside from the stickiness the only other con I have is I wish the ingredient list was a bit more thorough. Garden of Life lists every ingredient individually. Llama Naturals is pretty transparent but I would like to know exactly what is in the "Fruit and Vegetable based Blend", and also why that particular group of ingredients isn't labeled as organic or non gmo? Ok so maybe that's 2 more cons, but overall I really like the brand so far and have it as a Subscribe and Save item. Definitely recommend trying, especially if you found other gummies to be too sweet.

United States United States

These chews are delicious and have a great texture. I have never been consistent taking vitamins, but I actually look forward to these! Shipping times are also quick and customer service is very helpful.

Amazon C.
United States United States

So I have been looking for vitamins and happened to read about these. With all the good reviews I purchased them and WOW they are very tasty and I have energy! I am a full time mom, I have a full time job and full time college student. I eat these in the mornings and I can notice the difference with my energy. I highly reccommend them! Not to mention they taste very good and best ingredients. Does not leave that other cheap vitamin taste in your mouth. Try them!!!!

Rick H.
United States United States
Organic, complete vitamin supplement.

I was very happy to find an organic, vitamin supplement that is as complete as this. It has BOTH water soluble vitamins (Folate, thiamine, niacin and riboflavin, among others) as well as fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. It tastes very good and is easy to take.I fast frequently for health purposes, so I need to be careful to maintain a healthy intake of these essential vitamins. This product is perfect for this and I was very happy to read the ingredient list to see that it is all plant based.

Dan E.
United States United States
Best multivitamin yet!

Just tried Llama Naturals strawberry multivitamins for the first time - this is by far the best multivitamin I have tried. Most have a chalky taste or something slightly off about them, but these taste amazing, almost like someone turned strawberry jam into a gummy bite. The texture is such that it feels completely natural instead of the chewy fake gummy composition often found in other vitamins. As far as the actual vitamins/supplements, these vitamins are exactly what I am looking for and cover everything I need on a daily basis. The only problem is limiting myself to 3 a day!