elderberry immunity bites for kids.

Kids Elderberry Immunity

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✔ Premium Immunity Ingredients

✔ Organic Elderberry Extract

✔ Organic Vitamin C & Zinc

✔ Organic Beta Glucan

✔ No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Real Fruit, no added sugar.

Unlike regular gummies, our Elderberry Immunity Bites are made of real fruit and no added sugar or sweeteners. Nothing silly added. Read the ingredient list. See?

Plus, they’re packed with Organic Elderberry extract, Organic Vitamin C (from Acerola Cherries), Plant-based Zinc Chelate, and Organic Beta Glucan (from Reishi Mushroom) for added immune support.

Then, we slow-cook each bite on low heat to retain all nutrients.

better bites, better immunity.

 Adult Elderberry Immunity Label

What’s in:

Organic Apples, Organic Peaches, Organic Baobab Fruit Powder, Organic Vitamin C (Acerola Cherries), Zinc Chelate, Organic Beta Glucan (Reishi Mushrooms). Less than 2%: Organic Sunflower Oil, Apple Pectin, Organic Flavor, Organic Rice Bran (Coating).

Plus, Unconditional Llama Llove.

What’s OUT:

Added sugar, syrups, sweeteners, synthetic vitamins, gelatin, artificial ingredients, and colorings.


60 bites to bite, chew, nibble, enjoy. 2 per day, please.

“Gee Wiz Joan, have you tried these new-age vitamin bites? They're all the rage, and apparently CURE LOVE-SICKness*”

Overheard in an office somewhere.

*Not actually proven to cure Love-Sickness, but hey, it's worth a shot.

reviews from real HUMANS.

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