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    Why Your Child May Benefit From Elderberry for Kids

    Boy with elderberry for kids on his head

    Key Points:

    • Elderberry for kids is a popular home remedy derived from the black elderberry tree.
    • It’s especially good for boosting the immune system and reducing the effects and length of the common cold.

    Among its different forms, elderberry syrup and elderberry gummies are often the most accessible for children.

    Elderberry remedies may be back in the limelight right now, but they’ve been around for thousands of years. Our ancestors knew how to use nature’s medicine chest to look after their health. Elderberry has traditionally been used to treat coughs, infections, and the common cold, and its properties are just as powerful today. Turns out Mom (and her Mom and her Mom) really did know what’s best!

    That’s all very well for adults, of course, but what about elderberry for kids? Does it work? And is it safe? Let’s start by looking at what elderberry is so we can understand its many benefits. Then we can explore some ways to incorporate more elderberry into your little one’s diet.

    What Is Black Elderberry or Sambucus Nigra?

    Black elderberry extract comes from the dark blue or purple berries of the elderberry tree, or Sambucus nigra. The berries are made into an extract or syrup that serves as a natural remedy for a multitude of ills, especially colds and flu. It’s often sold as a dietary supplement because of its immune-boosting properties.

    Elderberry for Kids

    Elderberry supplements are available for kids and for adults, with slight differences in the formulation. Elderberry for kids is usually less concentrated, as children’s systems tend to be more sensitive.

    Kids’ supplements are also designed to appeal to a child’s taste. After all, there’s no point in a powerful supplement that sits on the shelf because your little one won’t take it. 

    The problem with this is that some of the best-selling kids’ elderberry supplements are full of sugar. And all that sugar can work against the immune system. So, the trick is to find a healthy supplement that your kids love, like Llama Naturals Whole Fruit Elderberry Gummies for Kids.

    Benefits of Elderberry Supplements for Kids

    We know you’re on top of making sure your kiddo is eating a healthy diet, but sometimes, that little immune system needs an extra boost. Whether it’s flu season or the beginning of the school year, children are naturally more prone to infections than adults. Infections in the upper respiratory tract can be particularly distressing as they affect your child’s breathing.  

    Your little one may well benefit from a multivitamin too, but if you’re looking for a general immune booster or support for a respiratory tract infection or digestion issues, elderberry for kids is an excellent choice.

    Black elderberry is very high in several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, potassium, and cold-fighting vitamin C. It’s high in fiber too and may even give an extra boost to prebiotics and probiotics, helping with digestion and preventing constipation. And it’s also rich in antioxidants known as Anthocyanins, which fight against viral infection and disease.

    Because of its protective benefits, it can be taken regularly for daily maintenance of your child’s immune health. Let’s face it, prevention is always better than cure (and saves you and your child a lot of extra stress too)!

    More research is needed — especially on children — but the few studies conducted on elderberry immune support for adults are promising. The results show that elderberry reduces cold duration and symptoms and seems to be a viable treatment for influenza.

    To be on the safe side, talk to your doctor or pediatrician about the best cold or flu treatment for your child.

    How to Incorporate Elderberry for Kids Into Your Child’s Diet


    Llama Naturals Elderberry Immunity

    Note: You definitely shouldn't feed raw black elderberries to your child. They can be poisonous and cause nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

    Cooked elderberries are perfectly safe, but unless you cook them yourself, you don’t know what you’re getting. Also, the nutrients may not be as concentrated as those you’d get from a good supplement. Luckily, there are many different elderberry products on the market, including syrup, gummies, lozenges, and capsules. Elderberry syrup and gummies for kids are the most popular and considered safe for children:

    Black Elderberry Syrup

    Syrups can be delicious, but remember to check the sugar content before you buy. Elderberry syrup can be given directly to children (if you’re lucky and they don’t think of it as “medicine”!), mixed with purified water or yogurt, or blended into a delicious smoothie. Check the label, but it’s generally suitable for children at least one year old. Follow brand guidelines to work out the correct fluid ounce (fl oz) dosage for your child’s age/size. 

    Elderberry Gummies for Kids

    These are chewable and therefore more suitable for slightly older children. Again, check the label for the dose, but it’s usually one or two gummies a day. Find a great-tasting brand your child loves, and it should be easy to get them to take their daily dose with no pleading or crying (and we’re talking about you here).

    Important notes:

    • Before starting your child on any new dietary supplement, check with your pediatrician or another healthcare provider, especially if your little one has any underlying health conditions.
    • Some elderberry supplements contain other ingredients as well, like echinacea or probiotics, which tend to work well with elderberry. When you speak to your pediatrician, make sure you mention those too, as well as any other supplements you’re giving your child. A fully informed opinion is always best.

    What to Look Out for When Buying Elderberry for Kids

    Nutrition facts of elderberry for kids gummies

    With so many products on the market, it’s important to choose your elderberry brand carefully.

    Supplements like elderberry are regulated slightly differently than food and drugs by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So make sure you do your own research before spending your hard-earned money.

    Firstly, elderberry may be a traditional home remedy but be wary of homemade elderberry products. You have no way of knowing how they’ve been made and if they’re safe for your child. Rather, buy from a reputable company that follows sourcing rules and Current Good Manufacturing Practice.

    Beyond that, look for products that contain no added sugars or artificial sweeteners, are free of artificial colors and artificial flavors, and are also free of gluten and other allergens. After all, why add anything that your child doesn’t need and that might actually harm them?

    Why Llama Naturals Elderberry Gummies Are So Good For You

    Whole Fruit Elderberry Gummies for Kids are made of slow-cooked, real fruit for its natural nutrients and extra deliciousness. They contain many ingredients that provide immune support, including:

    • Organic elderberry extract
    • Organic vitamin C from acerola cherries
    • Plant-based zinc chelate
    • Organic beta glucan from reishi mushrooms

    And equally important is what’s not in them — no gelatin, added sugar, artificial sweeteners or anything else silly. That means your child is getting all of the good stuff — without the risk of anything that could potentially harm their health. 

    Whole Fruit Elderberry Gummies are bite-sized for little teeth and can be enjoyed by children two years and up.

    By the way, you too can enjoy the many benefits of elderberries. Try our great-tasting Whole Fruit Elderberry Gummies for Adults. With more elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc than the kids' gummies, your immune system gets a powerful and delicious boost. 

    Remember, if you want to be there for your kids, you need to be standing strong yourself.

    Elderberry for Kids Boosts Your Child’s Immune System

    Family smiling with purple background

    Elderberry for kids has many benefits but it’s especially powerful for supporting immune health and combating colds and flu. It can be taken as a daily supplement or when extra support is needed.

    When it comes to your child’s health, you can’t afford to compromise on quality. Make sure you choose a brand like Llama Naturals, which perfectly balances health and deliciousness. Whether they’re spending time with you, on a playdate, or at school, you want your little one in tip-top shape to explore the world and learn all they can.

    Llama Naturals is a plant-based nutrition brand that has created the World's First Whole Fruit Gummy Vitamins that are made with no added sugar and whole-food vitamins. They are USDA Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, free of common allergens, and are slow-cooked on low heat to retain rich phytonutrients & fruit flavor. It’s a win-win gummy vitamin that you and the family will love.