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a daily probiotic & prebiotic for Adults.

Adult Prebiotic & Probiotic Bites - Peach Mango

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✔︎ Organic Prebiotic Fiber & Probiotics

✔︎ Digestive, Immunity, & Overall Health

✔︎ No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Real Fruit, no added sugar.

Unlike regular gummies, our bites have no added sugars or synthetics. Each bite is made with real fruit plus prebiotics and probiotics. Nothing silly added. Read the ingredient list. See?

Plus, they’re packed with researched-backed probiotics to restore your good bacteria in your gut and plant-based prebiotic fiber to feed the good bacteria to help it thrive. They work together for ultimate gut, digestive, and overall body health.

They’re delicious too, so you don’t have to wonder why healthy doesn’t always taste good. Because now they do.

better bites for better bellies.

 Adult Peach Mango Label

What’s in:

Organic Apples, Organic Mangoes, Organic Peaches, Organic Baobab Fruit Powder, Less than 2%: Organic Sunflower Oil, Apple Pectin, Organic Flavor, Organic Rice Bran (Coating).

Plus, Unconditional Llama Llove.

What’s OUT:

Added sugar, syrups, sweeteners, synthetic vitamins, gelatin, artificial ingredients, and colorings.


60 bites to bite, chew, nibble, enjoy. 2 per day, please.

“Gee Wiz Joan, have you tried these new-age vitamins bites? They’re all the rage, and apparently CURE LOVE-SICKness*.”

Overheard in an office somewhere.

*Not actually proven to cure Love-Sickness, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

reviews from real HUMANS.

Customer Reviews
4.7 Based on 54 Reviews
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Randi A.
United States United States
Kids Approved

My 4 year old loves his new elderberry gummies! He even asked for more He just started taking them this week so I can't speak on the immune boosting just yet but definitely kid approved!

United States United States
Must have to go with all the disinfecting products!

I am spraying so much Lysol and using so many Clorox wipes my natural flora doesnt stand a chance. Before the pandemic I started away from antibacterial to protect my beneficial bacteria and keep my gut healthy. However, with the deadly virus all that went out the window. With all the added antibacterial products in my life I felt it necessary to add probiotics and the prebiotics to feed them and decided to try these.The first thing I noticed is they are not filled with added sugar. That is a huge advantage over many other gummies. They look like gummies, but are less chewy than most. I was surprised to find they still tasted okay. They have a fruity taste and are slightly sour. Its not the best thing Ive ever tasted, but I dont mind them. I like that they are derived from fruit and organic. They seem to be the real deal. I am hoping they are boosting my immune system and keep me healthy through the this pandemic. So far so good. I am very grateful that they were easily digested and didnt cause any pain or discomfort. I am very sensitive to medicines and especially vitamins.I understand how a healthy stomach makes a healthy immune system. I am thankful to have found probiotics derived from natural organic sources. I will be buying these again. They come in an amber colored container to protect them from UV light and extending the shelf life, which is nice. Since I dont think the virus will be going anywhere anytime soon so I will still be using antibacterial products and need to replace the good bacteria I am constantly killing. I feel as though this is an excellent probiotic and prebiotic combo!

United States United States
Sugar free, shelf stable, tastes good

Our family has been using Llama Naturals brand vitamins (both kids and adult) so we (the adults) tried this too. we first chose Llama Naturals because there is no added sugar and it's vegan. It tastes pretty good! I haven't been taking these probiotics long enough to notice a health benefit. But I first started taking probiotics when I was pregnant per my midwife's recommendation a few years ago. These are cheaper than the brand she had recommended and don't need to be refrigerated. Also, nutritionist Kimberly Snyder recommends probiotics in her books. Overall I'm happy with this Grand and glad they came out with a probiotic.

United States United States
Good flavor, helps with digestion and stomach pain

I have had a sensitive stomach for about a year now and have to watch what I eat or lest I endure pains.... While I have some gallbladder issues... I have been dieting and taking vitamins to help correct my issues and so far I have been successful. Part of my daily regiment includes probiotics and I have gone through several cans of various brands.Overall these probiotics do a great job at keeping my stomach calm and digesting food at a faster rate than before. Maybe it has to do with the gummies as my other Probiotics are all capsules.When I take this my stomach usually settles within a half hour or I Don't have any issues if I take it before I eat.Flavor is "good" but a bit tart; it has a orange / tangerine type of taste to it.I am satisfied personally; but with this stuff your mileage will vary depending on your own body.If this review helped you at all; please mark it helpful! Thanks!

United States United States
Real Food and No Added Sugar - Perfext!

Excellent bold taste, easy to eat size, No added sugar, and real Food ingredients. I can appreciate the most that they use real food. If youre on the fence, just buy them and try them out!Only negative Is the organic flavor which isnt specific enough but not a reason for me not to purchase. There are definitely worse products out there and this one has a majority of positives!Try them!